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 Car Trailer Training provide tutition for Caravan, Horsebox, One Ton, B+E or B+ E DSA approved

Course Options & Syllabus

Course Options

Training can be taken in your vehicle combination or ours.  The advantage of using your combination is that you can practice during lessons (with someone accompanying you), you can use our combination if you do not have access to a veh trailer combination.

In order to find out and give you an honest assessment, we do a half day session of about 3 hours.  No classroom work driving is a practical skill just get stuck in and get your hands dirty

We will continue to offer superb value for money; we will continue to be as flexible as possible and offer training to meet your needs, not ours.

All trainers are fully qualified DSA (Driving Standards Agency) Approved Driving Instructors specifically trained by me to give you the best possible service you deserve.

You must have a full Cat B licence prior to taking these courses.

All courses are 1-2-1 unless specified.

Group training for trailer handling also available.



-        To include full instruction on towing and reversing.

-        Introductory course to get started.


-        For those who can already reverse trailers.


-        To teach test techniques and skills.


-        If you have a licence and need confidence building.

-        Familiarisation towing, for individuals who have B+E on their licence but have not towed for a period of time or gained it through 'grandfather rights', and want to gain confidence in reversing and maneuvering techniques.


-        Caravan or horse box towing training.

-        Motorway, night driving or inclement weather towing.

-        Trailer handling courses, groups most welcome. either individual or as a group.

DSA Test refresher

-        For those retaking the DSA Cat B+E test again.


We do not recommend that you take your test at the end of intensive training because it means what it says in the title, Intensive. It is better to have your training in smaller or full day training sessions then practice between sessions then final short lesson on day of test.  In my experience this is the most efficient and cost effective way to learn.  You then practice in your own time at no cost to you, just your time,

Course Syllabus

Vehicle Controls, Equipment and Components

It is important that you understand:

-        The functions of the vehicle's main controls.

-        All other controls and switches on the vehicle and be able to use them competently.

-        The meanings of gauges, warning lights etc. on the instrument panel.

-        The speed limits and weight limits relevant to the combination.

-        How to carry out routine safety checks and identify defects.

-        The safety factors relating to stowage, loading, stability and restraining cargo.

Road User Behaviour

Discuss and have an understanding of:

-        The common causes of road traffic collisions.

-        Which road users are more vulnerable and how to reduce the risks to them.

-        The rules, risks and effects of drinking and driving.

The effects that:

-        Illness (even minor)

-        Drugs or cold remedies

-        Tiredness can have on driving performance

Age dependant problems among other road users, including:

-        Children

-        Young cyclists

-        Young drivers

-        Elderly drivers

-        Elderly of infirm pedestrians

How to concentrate and plan ahead in order to anticipate the actions of other road users and be able to select the safest course of action

Vehicle Characteristics

Towing a trailer has unique characteristics you should:

Know the most important principles concerning braking distances under various:

-        Road

-        Weather

-        Loading conditions

Know that other vehicles handle differently with regard to:

-        Speed

-        Stability

-        Braking

-        Manoeuvrability

Know that some other vehicles e.g. cycles and motorcycles are harder to see.

Be aware of the difficulties caused by the characteristics of both your own and other vehicles, and be able to take appropriate action to reduce any risks that might arise.

Road and Weather Conditions

Driving a combination in various road and weather conditions requires a larger degree of skill, you should:

Know the various hazards that can arise when driving:

-        In strong sunlight

-        At dusk or dawn

-        During the hours of darkness

On various types of road:

-        One-way street

-        Urban roads

-        Town / city roads

-        Single carriageway

-        Dual carriageway

-        Different speed limits

-        Bridges and flyovers

Know which road surfaces will provide better or poorer grip when accelerating, braking and cornering

Know the associated hazards caused by weather conditions:

-        Rain

-        Snow

-        Ice

-        Fog

-        Wind

Be able to assess the difficulties caused by:

-        Road

-        Traffic

-        Weather

Anticipate how the road and weather conditions may affect the standard of driving shown by other road users

Traffic Signs, Rules and Regulations

The Highway Code applies to all road users, when towing a trailer there are more restrictions, you should:

Have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the meanings of road signs and markings

Be able to recognise and comply with traffic signs that indicate:

-        Height limits

-        Width limits

-        Loading / unloading restrictions

-        Traffic calming measures

Vehicle Control and Road Procedure

Your combination might change with every journey; trailers are used to carry various loads with different weight, height and width conditions.  You will need to practice and understand how to:

Ensure the combination is roadworthy before starting your journey:

-        Check the outside of the vehicle

-        Check the inside of the vehicle

-        Adjust seating position and controls as necessary

-        No warning lights are showing

Before adjusting speed and/ or position on the road you must:

-        Make proper use of mirrors

-        Take effective observation

-        Give signal where necessary

Move off:

-        Straight ahead

-        At an angle

-        On the level

-        Uphill

-        Downhill

Select the correct road position for normal driving

Practice effective observation at all times

Drive at a speed appropriate to road, traffic and weather conditions at all times

Anticipate changes in traffic conditions and adopt the correct action to deal with them safely

Meet, cross the path of and overtake vehicles safely

Deal with hazards safely

Turn right or left at:

-        Junctions

-        Roundabouts

-        Crossroads

Drive ahead at crossroad and roundabouts

Maintain a safe following distance

Act correctly at pedestrian crossings

Show proper regard for the safety of all other road users

Comply with:

-        Traffic regulations

-        Traffic signs

-        Signals given by authorised persons

-        Police officers

Select safe and suitable places to stop at the roadside

Stop the vehicle safely at all times

Exercises (manoeuvres)

Stop the combination on the manoeuvring area:

-        Safely

-        As quickly as possible

-        Under full control

-        Within a reasonable distance from the designated point

Reverse the vehicle on the manoeuvring area:

-        Under control

-        With effective observation

-        On a predetermined course

-        Into a restricted opening

-        To stop with the rear of the trailer within a clearly defined area

Un-couple and re-couple the vehicle and trailer

This is covered in depth during the course.

Your time and effort

The training program requires a lot of your time and effort to ensure your own success.  As your trainer I will guide you through the process but it does require you to practice whenever possible, the more effort you put in, the more likely you are to succeed.

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Car Trailer Training Specialist in trailer towing training. Courses currently running in Chelmsford, Dunmow, Bishops Stortford, Ipswich, Brentwood and expanding with new instructors into the Suffolk and Cambridge area. All trainers are fully qualified DSA (Driving Standards Agency) Approved Driving Instructors specifically trained by me to give you the best possible service and training you deserve. Training areas near the Chelmsford, Ipswich and Norwich test centres, we are able to provide training in preparation for the B+E test for most of East Anglia, covering Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk..

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