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Trailer Checks

Condition of the vehicle

You need to know how to carryout checks on the condition of the trailer body, check that any doors and tailgate are secured and know how to load and secure a load to the trailer.

Do not allow anyone to ride in or on the trailer whilst being towed.

Trailer Checks before each journey (Safety)

Complete a pre-towing inspection.

Correct weight distribution will affect the overall stability and handling of the trailer.

Heavy items, where possible, should be loaded directly over the axel(s).

Any loads carried should not endanger other road users; it should be stowed within the size and weight limit of the trailer.

The loads should not move or fall off when braking, accelerating or changing direction.

The driver of the towing vehicle has the responsibility for the safe operation of the trailer and needs to carry out the following checks:

-        If the trailer is laden, is the load correctly distributed i.e. Not too much or too little nose weight?

-        The load is correctly secured and within the weight and size limits.

-        Is the load within the trailer's official payload? - i.e. Not overloaded

-        Is the actual gross weight being towed within the towing vehicle manufacturer's recommended maximum towing limit (whether braked or unbraked.)?

-        Are all the lights undamaged and working correctly?

-        Is the 7 core cable and plug undamaged?

-        Is the correct number plate fitted? (both registration number and style)

-        Is the breakaway cable or secondary coupling undamaged and correctly connected to a suitable point on the tow bar or towing vehicle?

-        Is the trailer correctly coupled to the towball or pin? Make sure the correct coupling routine is carried out.

-        Ensure the tailgate and side panels are correctly stowed and secured.

-        Are the tyre pressures correct and all tyres free from cuts, bulges and with adequate tread, make sure they are serviceable, (including the spare)? Tyres must have a continuous tread depth of at least 1.6mm on cars, light vans and trailers, across the centre three-quarters of the width.

-        If the trailer has been standing for long periods, the tyres might be damaged due to lack of use.

-        Are you satisfied that the wheel nuts/bolts are tightened to the correct torque?

-        If required are the mudguards in satisfactory condition and secure?

-        Is the coupling height correct? i.e. not excessively nose down or nose up.

Follow the golden rules of towing:

-        Make sure the trailer is level when coupled to the towing vehicle

-        Make sure the nose weight is between 50 and 100kg (unless trailer is very light.)

-        Is the jockey wheel and any corner steadies or prop stands fully wound up and secure?

-        Check the correct operation of damper and brakes as soon as possible after commencement of journey.  Carry out a brake test as soon as reasonably possible.

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